Chocolate and Damson Plum Muffins

June 13 2015
A great recipe to share with the kids during school holidays.   

Damson Blood Cupcakes

April 30 2015
Perfect for a spooky Halloween

Damson Plum Jam and Vanilla Palmiers

April 30 2015
Just what you need for afternoon tea.  I had fun making these. 

Damson Bakewell Tarts

April 30 2015
Easy recipe, I make these a lot.  Everyone just loves them.

A Damson Plum Jam Scone

April 30 2015
A little different from traditional scones and lovely to share with a crowd. 

Damson Plum Jam and Butter Cream Sponge

April 30 2015
My sister in law made this and couldn't believe how easy it was - great for afternoon tea.

Damson Plum Chocolate Log

April 30 2015
A little fiddly to prepare if you aren't use to baking, but well worth the effort.

Simple Jammy Biscuits

April 30 2015
A very easy recipe to share with the children during school holidays

Jammy Heart Drops

April 25 2015
Yummy and fun to make

Easy pikelets with Damson Plum Jam

April 25 2015
Who doesn't like a homemade pikelet? Topped with Damson Plum Jam and cream, they'll keep coming back for more.