Damson Plum Liqueur



  • USA Spirits Ratings 2020, Fruit Liqueur - Gold
  • World Liqueur Awards 2020, World's Best Fruit - Winner
  • World Liqueur Awards 2020, New Zealand's Best Fruit - Winner 
  • Cathay Pacific HK International Wine & Spirits Competition 2020, Fruit Liqueur - Bronze
  • New Zealand Spirit Awards 2020, Liqueur - Bronze





"The liqueur, oh the liqueur! It is marvellous." - New Zealand Herald


"Describing this deliciously decadent drink made from Damson Plums is difficult. Damsons are exotic and rare and have such unique and seductive sensory appeal, it’s hard to settle on just a sentence or two. Strikingly piquant, ultra-floral and seductively perfumed, this luxurious liqueur is fabulously fleshy and brimming with spice-saturated, plum and berry sweetness and laced with cassis and peppercorn characters. Plus it’s perfect with gooey blue cheese." - Yvonne Lorkin





This Damson Plum Gin Liqueur is our prized possession. Made for us by master distillers and blended with a citrus-based gin, this versatile and delicious liqueur can be enjoyed neat, over ice, with champagne, or mixed with your favourite cocktails. 

Note: We will be sharing some of our favourites mixes with you very shortly!


Volume: 375ml


*Also available for foodservice - quantities made to order.


Alcohol: 15% ABV


Serving suggestions:


  • Neat - enjoyed on its own straight from the bottle
  • Over ice - enjoyed with ice and nothing else
  • Mixed - mixed with other non-alcoholic drinks (cream or juice)
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