Damson Plum Fool

February 4 2016
With fresh damsons available in Feb, we thought we would share one of our favourite recipes with you.  Quick, easy and delicious.

Brandy Snaps with Ricotta

June 30 2015
 A great treat for those who don’t love cream as much as others.

White Peaches with Damson Plum Liqueur and Champagne Floats

June 13 2015
This very easy dessert is great in Summer. 

Damson Plum Chocolate Log

June 12 2015
A little fiddly but absolutely delicious. 

Tiramisu with Damson Plum Liqueur

June 6 2015

This dessert is easy and fun, order our Liqueur by emailing us. .


Damson Dessert Pizza

May 29 2015
This easy and tasty dessert pizza is lovely to share, it also makes a great snack.

Damson Bread and Butter Pudding

April 30 2015
A lovely winter dessert for those cold nights.

Damson and Walnut Trifle

April 30 2015
This came from a Cuisine Magazine when we won an award for our Damson Plum Jam

Damson Plum Clafoutis

April 30 2015
One to make when Damson Plums are in season.

Stewed Damson Plums

April 30 2015
I use a cherry pitter to remove the stones from the Damson Plums.

Dried Figs Baked with Walnuts and Chocolate in Damson Liqueur

April 30 2015
What to do when you have too many figs.

Brown Sugar Meringues with Liqueur Plums

April 30 2015
When you have fresh Damson Plums available - try this, its lovely.

Damson Drizzle on Ice Cream

April 30 2015
 When guests arrive unexpectedly - quick, easy and enjoyable.  If I don't have berries available I crate chocolate on the top.

Whole Poached Plums

April 30 2015
What to do with extra plums.  I got this recipe from Ruth Pretty and added my own twist.

Damson Plum Tart

April 30 2015
A great seasonal dessert.  Sometimes I even pour over a little damson plum liqueur to finish it.

Damson Plum Ricotta Tart

April 30 2015
Surprisingly quick and easy dessert.

Roasted Bananas with Chocolate and Damson Coulis

April 30 2015
We always have this on bonfire night - simple and delicious.

Damson Pavlova

April 30 2015
I've never been able to make Pavlova until I tried this.

Damson Berry Creams

April 30 2015
Very easy and quick - great when unexpected visitors arrive.

Damson Meringue Crush

April 30 2015
Great dessert when you are in a hurry.

Apple Flapjack Trifle

April 30 2015
We shared this with the team one Autumn day - went down a treat.

Damson Plum Cheesecake

April 29 2015
We share this recipe with everyone, it's easy, quick and delicious.