Wildflower Honey
Wildflower Honey



Wildflower was a flavour that evolved from tradition. Originally, the hives were placed in a ‘clover’ field and the honey that came off didn’t meet the strict standards of the generations before us who were all on hand to taste each batch of honey. ‘There is no way you can pack that as clover’ we were told. So, the name Wildflower was born, nobody could distinctly tell us what flavours or floral tones the honey had but we knew it had a strong clover base with strong floral attributes. We liked the taste so decided to pack it and see what the market thought. It very quickly became a favourite for anyone wanting something a bit different to the sweet mild clover, but not wanting the full strong flavours of Manuka. 

Our Wildflower Honey is beautifully packaged in our 350g sustainable glass jars and presented to a high standard

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