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Lynda Hallinan's fifth book, Damson: From hedgerow to harvest is a 256-page, 55,486 words, 75+ recipe-long love letter to the heirloom English damson plum.

From the garden to the kitchen, Lynda reveals how to propagate, plant, prune and care for this heritage fruit tree, which was first introduced to New Zealand by early settlers in the mid-1880s. Practical chapters cover the damson's genetic history, a variety guide, orchard care and maintenance, the art of pruning and organic pest and disease control.




“A rich powerful punch of sweet and sour" - WOMEN'S WEEKLY

 "Damson paste with a good strong cheese would be all you need to serve guests after dinner" - NEW ZEALAND HERALD

“This luscious paste is solid enough to use on a cheeseboard and goes particularly well with blue cheese and aged cheddar, the strong flavours standing up to each other well. It can be simply had on toast, stirred through a jus to go with game meats or into the pan drippings of a roast of lamb. Or try it as a condiment with ham or turkey.” - CUISINE MAGAZINE

The paste is packed with rich damson flavours and you'll enjoy the sensation of both sweet and sour as it melts in your mouth. A great compliment to your favourite lively cheese.

Weight: 60g



"The chocolates are also a treat ... they burst in your mouth with a strong sweet hit of Damson liqueur and finish with a chocolate aftertaste.” - NEW ZEALAND HERALD


A divine mix of soft caramel, Damson Plum Gin Liqueur, and gorgeous Callebaut chocolate. Made for us by Bohemein Chocolates in Wellington, these mouth-watering treats leave you gasping for more. 

Displayed in a gift box of nine, they make the perfect treat or present. 

Amount: Nine (9)



"The coulis would be heavenly in almost any dessert." - NEW ZEALAND HERALD


A dessert sauce perfect for embellishing any after-dinner treat. A dollop of the coulis is also tasty on your breakfast cereal.

Volume: 250ml



Delicious Damson Plum Toffees.

Amount: 20


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