Damson Plum & Walnut Terrine

Inspire+ NZ Artisan Awards 2020 - Finalist 

"Great with coffee or on a cheeseboard” - NZ HOUSE & GARDEN


Damsons, walnuts, honey and a little lemon juice, this terrine is quickly becoming a favourite for our loyal followers. Our terrine is slow-cooked and left to dry naturally. It is rich and delicious and is packaged to ensure moisture isn't lost over time.

Weight: 130g

*Also available for foodservice - quantities made to order.

Serving Suggestions:

  • on an antipasto plate with olives, prosciutto, feta and artichokes.
  • with lively tasting cheeses
  • or just a slice with a cup of coffee (tastes better than cake)


Damson plums (48%) sugar, walnuts (19%), honey, lemon juice. 

Allergens: Walnuts.

Note: Please refer to the product packaging for up to date nutritional information and allergens.

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