Damson Plum Chocolates

Damson Plum Chocolates


Our chocolates are handmade by our favourite Wellington chocolate maker at Bohemein  He uses only the finest chocolate (53% dark, callebaut), damson plums, damson liqueur and a fine fondant to create our uniquely flavoured chocolates. 

The chocolates are provided to you in a box of 9. They are packaged in our distinct and elegant Damson Collection packaging to suit its contents.

Caution: The centre contains liqueur and will spill when you bite into it - so consider popping the whole chocolate into your mouth or turning it upside down and biting off the bottom. You won't want to miss a single drop.

Weight: 162grms - 9 pieces

Ingredients: Chocolate, Sugar, Damson Plums, Glucose, Gin

Purchase the chocolates as a unique gift for:

  • Special occasions
  • Not so special occasions
  • Self indulgence
  • After dinner with coffee

Please just ask about our catering packs.

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